Sunday, July 25, 2010


Well Jack's team did it!! They went 9-0 and won the District 3 AAA Minors All Star Championship and a spot in the Prairie's tournament in Lethbridge beginning Friday! Way to go Jack and team! I don't remember the exact score but they won something like 21-5. This is Jack's second year in row to go to Prairies. We are going to make it a family trip and all go. Blake and Peyton are excited to go and of course Cole just goes with the flow. Here is the team with the trophy:

This is Jack's second year in a row to go to Prairies along with Soren, Jessica, Mark, Carson and Cole who was an alternate last year so he didn't go to Prairies but did play during the round robin. Looking forward to the trip no matter what the outcome is!

Today was a nice relaxing day and lovely hot weather too! Ray, Blake and Peyton went to church while Cole and I took Jack to batting practice. Ray cooked us lunch, hashbrowns and eggs, worked out Jack and Blake a wee bit and then took the boys to visit Grandma N. who is recuperating from a hip replacement. Peyton went to Hana's next door for a sleepover but reappeared at 10:30pm homesick so she is now tucked in with the boys and happy to be home.

So a week of baseball practices ahead of us and I have some business paperwork that MUST be completed before we leave for Lethbridge so it will be a busy week.

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