Friday, September 10, 2010

Welcome Friday!

Our first full (4 days in a row anyways) week of school has come to a close. Fridays are late entry for the boys and they were both glad to have the opportunity to sleep in, especially Blake. I announced to the children that they would be in charge of cooking supper tonight so we'll see how that goes. If they only do part of it even, that will be extremely helpful. I have a scrapbook layout I want to finish today before the September layout tag at Scrapshotz starts this evening.

Some time ago I mentioned that the boys would be getting new beds. Here is what they look like.
Jack's Bed
Blake's Bed

The boys are thrilled with them. Blake's bed has a trundle which as already been used a couple of times. His bed also has three drawers so we were able to eliminate a dresser and gain some space in the room. Here is a view of both beds:

So now pictures need to be hung and I need to find some hooks to hang up the boys hats and their football jerseys they have outgrown but want to use as decoration. Now if I could just break Jack of this:
He's always "storing" something under the bed and boy does it bug me because then he complains when his little brother plays with his toys and loses a piece. That's what happens when you leave your things within easy reach of a two year old :)

I'm looking forward to a nice, quiet evening at home watching our Calgary Stampeders steamroll their rivals to the north, the Edmonton Eskimos.

Go Stamps Go!

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