Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week In The lIfe-Day 5 & 6

Friday was a day that can best be defined as LAZY!!!
I was so lazy, no desire to do anything but lay around on the sofa. That's okay right? It doesn't happen very often but it was soooo nice to have no plans, or HAVE to go out anywhere.
Needless to say, my photos were few and far between but here is Friday in photos:

Hugs from big brother Blake.
Jack's glasses, all of 3 weeks old.
Blake trying out his new bat.
My smashbook.

I took even less photos on Saturday and I'm okay with that! I went to the mall to buy some skincare products and makeup from Sephora and also bought myself a "maxidress" in the petite INC section at the Bay. I got a great deal on it, $43.00 for a $99.00 dress. We had out-of-town company on Saturday and had a great time together! Here are a few photos of our day:

Peyton helping Cole put his shoes on, against her will ;)>
Mom opening the blinds to brighten up the interior!
Fridge full of food awaiting dinner guests!
Peyton and Mom just before bed!

While getting ready for company I was reminded how great it feels to work as a team to accomplish a goal. Ray and I split up the tasks that had to get done before company arrived and we both felt relaxed the entire day as a result. I in particular, learned to just take a breath and be appreciative of all that Ray was able to do for me, not be critical of every i dotted and t crossed by him. This daily photo and words project has helped me to be remember that there are lessons to be learned and wonderful memories in the "everyday" of our lives.
Thanks for sharing it with me!

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