Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day Three...

So it's "hump day" in my Week In the Life project. I've been tempted to put my camera aside but I know this will be lots of fun to look back on. My morning began around 7:15am, I got up and began making lunches for the kids while Ray showered, he had an 8am meeting and then he was planning to come back home and drive the kids to school. I really am a blessed woman, I don't HAVE to have a job to provide my family, I can go to the grocery store anytime  

I am able to pay a wonderful, lovely lady named Vangie to clean my home for me so I can focus my time on my kids, I wish I had taken a picture of her, she is so sweet, I'm really growing to love her!

I squeezed in  a workout, HipHopAbs by Shaun T, a great workout in spite of the name, a quick shower and then in the van to the grocery as you can see by the photo above, we went to Superstore first and then WalMart to buy the rest of the items. We headed home and Cole lovingly carried the cheese inside and then hung on to it until I took it from hime to give hime some for lunch. One of the best parts of my day was being able to give Vangie some Christian music CD's that I had uploaded to my computer so I did not need the cd's anymore. She was so greatful, what a lovely receiveing heart she had.

Thankfully, Cole slept for an hour and then he woke up when Peyton came home

drank a bottle and hopped in the van to pick up the boys from band clinic. We came home and Jack helped me with supper by chopping the mushrooms. We ate pasta, muchroom & tomato sauce and bacon for supper. It was very yummy. Cole was very grumpy today since he had not had a nap yesterday and today was a short nap because I had to pick up the boys from their band clinic.

We went home and Jack helped me cook supper by cutting up all the mushrooms, I cut the bacon, onion and garlic and cooked the ricotta/sundried tomato tortillini and the bacon which I think the kids enjoyed the most!

Cole was grumpy all night, I took him out for a short time but he began screaming so I had to take him inside. Blake practiced hitting off the tee and playing basketball. Jack didn't get to go outside but he jumped in the bathtub with Cole. Jack is a WONDERFUL big brother to Cole. Cole wanted to spend all his time in Jack and Blake's bed rather than his crib. Our family is so blessed to have Cole in it

Jack went to the tub with Cole and they both had a great time! I put Peyton to bed since she said her stomach was aching and then tried to get the boys through the tub quickly. The boys all hopped into bed, Cole with a bottle and 20 min. later I came upstairs to pray with them and turn out the lights. Cole was not very happy. He wanted to sit in the rocking chair, drink another bottle, anything but go to bed! An hour later he was still awake and he went to sleep after daddy gave him another cuddle and a bottle.

That's Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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