Saturday, September 17, 2011


I came across the adult version at Aji Spa in Chandler, Arizona based on the recommendation of my new friends Lindsay and Sherry. Bought myself a t-shirt and then ordered some stuff on-line. Just received an email advertising the kids manifesto and had to share it here. Love this!

lovethislife Kid…
is about celebrating our moments
and how I rock to a rhythm all my own
and I just may teach you more than you teach me
and like you…I’m a miracle

 lovethislife Kid…
is honoring that my dreams
aren’t obligated to fulfill yours
and since I had no say in being here
you’ll provide a safe space
where I can innocently unfold
even if I take up the drums

 lovethislife Kid…
is the inevitable embrace
that all we are is Love
so unconditionally love me
while I imperfectly become Me
without promising you the same
when I hit my teens

 lovethislife Kid…
as we grow together and apart

let’s rock.

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copyright 2011, david culiner

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