Friday, June 24, 2011

Looking Forward To

a great weekend!!! It's been so much fun having the boys home early as they have had 1/2 days due to exams the last 3 days. I took the boys to Marketmall today and made a quick stop at the bank first to withdraw cash to pay them for all the babysitting they've done in the last 2 months. I paid each of them $300, Blake has acutally earned $350, I gave a $50 iTunes card as payment for babysitting. Blake wanted to upgrade his iPod Touch so we went to the Apple store and he bought himself a 32G iPod touch for $334.95!! It felt good to me to not have to foot the bill! Blake really understood how much money it was when he counted it out to pay. That little item is really cool, I have to control myself to not buy myself one too!
Jack is the frugal one. He deposited $75.00 in his bank account and spent $40.00 on a Star Wars Lego set. He is saving the rest of his money for a rainy day. Now Peyton is super excited because Blake told her he might "sell" her his old iPod touch so we'll see what transpires!
We are enjoying a quiet evening at home tonight. Ray has to be at work by 10am tomorrow and Jack is playing in the D3 Little League Championship game tomorrow at 1pm. Go Royals Go!!!!!!!!!!! The rest of us are looking forward to cheering Jack on!!! Will have results and some photos to post tomorrow!

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