Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April coming to a close...

So I haven't been able to scrap much lately and interestingly enough, I thought my volunteer job as Registrar for Bowridge Little League had peaked in work by the registration close but it's actually picked up!
The teams are set, the schedules are set if not published and we are off to the races now!!!
My 11 yr.old Jack is an assistant captain on this team this year. He's quietly excited about it and his parents are very proud of him.
Jack had 2 practices before Easter,  Blake had one, my SIL was in town with 2 of her children and a girlfriend of her son's as well so we had a great time with family! We had planned to finish off Easter weekend with my mom, brother and sister and we had only been at my mom's for about 15 minutes when our youngest (the 3 yr. old) Cole threw up and then started crying and scratching with an overwhelming allergic reaction! So we packed everyone up in the truck and went to Shopper's Drug Mart to buy Benadryl and then carry on to the hospital in case Cole did not get better from the antihistamine. Thank goodness he got better though he did throw up again after we arrived at home, nothing clears a room quicker than someone puking; Grandpa and Grandma had dropped by to check on Cole and they were out of there fast after he threw up ;)

Cole is good now, but he definitely has a peanut allergy, we figured that had ingested peanuts in an Easter Egg hunt when Mom and Dad weren't looking. We had a fun weekend and since we left my mom hanging with Easter dinner on Easter Sunday, we are going to her home on the Friday the kids have off from school to enjoy our meal and pure milk chocolate(no peanuts) Easter Egg hunt.
Here are my photos from this weekend:

Big brother Blake looking after baby brother Cole in the midst of Cole's  bad allergic reaction!
Ray doing a stellar job looking after his family; getting us to the hospital if neccessary and then home.

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