Monday, April 18, 2011


We are in our wind down for the night now and I am so looking forward to bed tonight. I had a pretty good day on my first day of back to healthy living.
The last long while I've found myself skipping more and more workouts and making so very many unhealthy eating choices. It's affected not only my waistline but my mood as well and I've finally decided ENOUGH!
So over the last two weeks I've been getting back into a good exercise routine and have worked out 5 times per week but I haven't cleaned up my eating much. Today I'm cleaning up my eating and I'm going to journal my food intake to help keep myself accountable to the food choices I'm making. I'm also going to get back in the habit of getting up early and am setting a 6am wake up call for myself. This also gives me a block of time to spend reading my bible and talking to God. I'm so excited for what lies ahead!
Sweet dreams!

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