Monday, May 31, 2010

Week In the Life Reveal-Day Two


Weekend Update

Well we have snow again in Calgary. Needless to say, the boys did not have a baseball game Saturday so it was a quiet day at home. I let them play video games while I played around on my new computer. I had every intention of scrapbooking but I did not get around to it.

Ray and Peyton have gone to church and the rest of us stayed home as we were up too late to be ready for 9am service. We went to visit some cousins in the evening and had a great time and a lovely dinner together on Sunday.

This morning started early with a trip to the orthodontist for the boys at 8a. I then dropped them at school and have been occupied with computer stuff since my return home. I've removed some programs from the old computer, installed some new antivirus software and will be running the scan as soon as I finish this post.

Then it's pay some bills, finish laundry, get Cole down for a nap and then prep for an early dinner as the boys have baseball tonight!

Fun times here!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Bowridge Cup Winners!

Well I finally got my computer back so now time to update the blog! Above is a photo of the Royals, winners of this years Bowridge Cup on a cool but sunny morning last Saturday. Thanks to Ross for bringing his camera to take this photo! The kids won 3 straight games and all hit well. It was great for their confidence as they haven't won very many league games this season but that's how sport goes at times.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The children are off school tomorrow so this is the last day of the week for us! Yeehaw!! We have a playdate planned with Amy and Ian Stagg tomorrow-the kids will play while the moms scrapbook!

The boys played their first game for the Bowridge Cup and their team, the Royals, won 15-5. Blake got a nice 2 run RBI single off one of the other team's best pitchers. He was happy and I was very excited for him!
Jack played 2nd base and Blake played 3rd base. We play another game tomorrow against the Jays at 5pm and if we win we will be in the final Saturday morning at 10am.

Ray will be heading home tomorrow. We've all really missed him but I am so grateful to him for allowing me to pay Michelle Moody to help me with the kids while he's gone. It's been great! Our plan tomorrow is to let Cole go napless and then we all will go to the baseball game because the boys have to be there at 4pm. It's dogs and burgers for supper tomorrow!!

No time for scrapping today, I actually put away ALL of the layouts that I've completed in the last 2 months. Now I need to order more scrapbooks to hold them. So no projects to share tonight, maybe some tomorrow after my scrapping playdate!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sorry for the Delay...

in posts. I was happily busy at the SSZ online crop this past weekend, throw in baseball and Ray leaving on Sunday on his trip to BC and it has been impossible to get to my blog until tonight. The boys team lost their game on Monday so they are now at 2-5 with about 11 more games to play. This weekend is the Bowridge Cup where all 3 Bowridge Majors teams play each other for bragging rights in Bowridge. I think they have a good chance to win. They were finally able to get in a fielding practice tonight. The kids all seemed to have lots of fun.

I spoke with Ray today but I'm not sure when he's coming back. There is a long weekend coming up so the roads will be very busy. I think he will probably head home Monday or Tuesday. I know I want him to be safe on the road so either will be fine with me. I have hired Michelle to "nanny" for me while Ray is away and it has been AWESOME!! She comes at 2:30pm so I don't have to wake Cole up to pick up the kids from school, or drag him and Pey to baseball practice. She is going to come with all of us to watch the baseball game tomorrow and help with Cole! I don't recall being this relaxed when Ray has been gone before. Vangie is coming over tomorrow to clean the house and bringing a friend to help so I will get all my walls washed, yay!

Oh and I almost forgot, I bought a new computer, a Macbook Pro. I am planning to take in this computer and the Mac to the Apple store to have the data transfer done in the next few days. Unfortunately I haven't had any time to do anything on it. I do have a bible study on a USB drive I am going to try to upload.

That's a quick summary of the last 5 days. I'll leave you with a few of the projects I completed for the SSZ online crop.

Die Cut Card

Sketch Challenge-#One

Mini Album with just photos, no words.

Me and my Darling Daughter

Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Friday!

Well Friday has arrived and we have a beautiful weekend in the forecast! It will be a great day for hanging out at the ballpark this weekend. The boys have a game tomorrow and Fun Day on Sunday. I have a bunch of errands to run this morning so I am going to pay some bills and then head out.

Poor little Cole fell out of his highchair this morning. I didn't lock in the tray and he pushed on it and fell out. I was scared about the awkward way he fell out, a complete flip. He seems okay but I am going to watch him closely the rest of the day.

Today is the beginning of the online crop at SSZ. I plan to take part at some point this weekend. They are always so much fun!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Week In the Life Reveal-Day One

Here are the finished pages for Monday, April 19 from the "Week In the Life" project. Stay tuned for more in next couple of weeks. I don't think I will have time to get it done any sooner.
 This is the title page. I used my dymo label maker for the "ribbon" strip.
The images are a bit small, but I think you get the picture. I'll post better ones next time out.
We are off to baseball this evening so Go Royals Go!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First Win!!

Woohoo! The boys won their first ball game, 17-11. Blake got on base twice, a single and on an error. All the kids were so excited to hit the ball. It was a fun game to watch  and the weather was lovely too.

Looking forward to another lovely evening for the game tomorrow. Everyone is coming to the game. No babysitters!

Quiet day here at home, I was in a very lazy mood. I did get a workout in though. Billy's Bootcamp. It sure felt good to move the body. My knee felt pretty good too.

On the craft front, nothing knew to photograph but here is one of the cards I made for Mother's Day:

Monday, May 10, 2010

It's Monday morning and we are looking forward to another baseball game this evening. I will be working the concession and cheering the kids on! The Royals are 0-3 right now, lost a close game on Saturday so hopefully they can pull off a win tonight!

On the crafting front, my week in the life project is waiting for the words so I'd like to spend some time on that today and squeeze in a nap. We'll see how that goes!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

My wonderful husband planned a Mothers Day brunch for myself, my mom and my MIL. It was one of my favorite meals, bacon, hashbrowns and eggs and pineapple and watermelon. Then we played Yatzhee and visited. All in all a nice day, capped off by the Amazing Race finale and the Celebrity Apprentice.

Thanks for a lovely day Ray!!

Here is a card I made for a birthday party dd will be going to in a week:

and one of the collage pages I made for the "Week In the Life" project
This page documented laundry, bible study, reading, scrapping time and naptime. Just a few activities in our daily life!

The boys ball team lost 1-0, that's 3 losses in a row now but that will improve as we have had more games than practices this season so far. Wins or losses it is a wonderful year having both boys on the same team. Thank you LORD!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Baseball and Scrapping

Yes we are finally hitting the ball diamond after a spell of bad weather that brought about the cancellation of 2 practices and 1 game. I wish the boys luck!

Here are a few projects I completed yesterday:

I am in the throes of the Week in the Life Project. I hope to have some pages to post in the next few days. As well, I have stamped a bunch of images for the copic challenges at SSZ so I hope to get to those soon too!

Have a great day all!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Does a balanced life really exist? I used to think I had a balanced life but looking back over the past couple of years I can see how that's not the case. I am at a point now where I eat crappy, don't exercise and don't sleep well.

 Enough is enough.

 The change begins now!

 I know I can't make the change all on my own, God is a huge part of it and we've talked tonight about it some. I look forward to hearing God speak to me about this, I am ready to listen and willing to act on His directions.

'"For I know the plans I have for you", declares the LORD. "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."'

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It was a dreary, gloomy, snowy day here in Calgary. This is what spring is like here! This meant no baseball practice tonight. The forecast is for a high of 5 degrees C. tomorrow so we will have to wait and see if the game takes place.

Blake stayed home from school again with a sore throat but he will be back to school tomorrow.

I vacuumed the house since we still have not been able to get a new filter for our Eureka vacuum cleaner and our house has not been vacuumed in 2 weeks and Vangie will not be able to vacuum tomorrow as a result. I will ask her to wash down the walls and cupboards so she can still get her 4 hours in.

I have Michelle booked to babysit for the boys baseball game tomorrow night. I hope she will be available to help me the following week while Ray goes out of town. I want to hire her to nanny for me. I will talk to her about it tomorrow.

I stayed home from Small Group tonight and Ray went. We did not want Blake to have to stay up late with Cole babysitting him and Jack and Peyton. Peyton was in bed by 7:15pm, Blake and Jack and Cole by 7:30pm. We prayed that Blake would be feeling good tomorrow morning.

Today I also worked on this flyer for our fundraising event:

Compassion In Action2



A fundraising dessert evening to help those at risk and the victims of Human Trafficking.

• Human Trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal industry in the world, with annual revenues estimated to be over $31 billion.

• The purpose of trafficking is always exploitation; this can include sexual exploitation, forced labour, slavery, servitude, or the removal of organs.

Something must be done to help those at risk and the victims of modern day slavery.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

7 P.M. – 9 P.M.

Tickets: $5.00 per person

Silver Springs Community Center

5720 Silver Ridge Drive N.W.

Tickets can be purchased at

Donations will be accecpted and can be made by cash, cheque or online. All donations over $5.00 will be issued tax receipts.

Boring I know but I don't have any fancy publishing software at home. We'll see if someone else takes this on or it remains my responsibility after tonight :).

I did do some grocery shopping at Co-Op tonight, hope to do a Costco trip tomorrow and will be picking up Luke for the baseball game.

See you tomorrow!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Well the day started off promising but deteriorated to winter again, complete with a Winter Storm Warning for Calgary. We managed to squeeze in the baseball game, well we got to the top of the sixth and they called the game. The kids were all freezing! We lost 11-5 I think? I lost track after the other team put up 8 runs. Oh well, it's still early in the season. Go Royals Go!!

After a full weekend of scrapping, I spent a few hours working on my "Week In the Life Project". I've printed all the baseball card size photos. Now I will work on the collage pages. I also photographed and uploaded pictures of my completed layouts.

As you can see, it was a very productive weekend. Now I am hoping to complete some of the challenges over at Scrapshotz seen here

I hope everyone keeps warm tonight! Take care!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Quiet Day...

Yesterday was so much fun at the Scrapshotz NSD Crop. I had so much fun with Melissa, Heather and Crystal and all the SSZ ladies! I'm already looking forward to the October crop, a scaled down NSD version that Sandy has tentatively planned.

I managed to complete 8 layouts although I did have to tweek a couple when I got home. I'll share them here during the week once I get them photographed.

The boys played their first baseball game yesterday, Blake played third base and centerfield and Jack played the entire game at second base. They lost the game 6-4 but Ray said they all played well considering they only had one practice before the game. I've very proud of my boys!

It's been quiet here at home today. Ray, Peyton and Jack went to church this morning and Blake, Cole and I stayed home. Blake has a sore throat, I hope it will be gone after a good night's rest tonight. I managed to squeeze a short nap in this afternoon and finished reading a book, "The Girl Who Played With Fire". It was a pretty good book, although it could have done without the swear words. It is the second book in a trilogy so I'm looking forward to picking up the third book when it comes out. I'll have to make a trip to the library tomorrow though, I'm all out of reading material!

Off to prep the potatoes for supper now!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Big Day is Here...

Yes, National Scrapbooking Day is here and I am off to a 13 hour crop in about 30 minutes so only a quick post!

I kicked it off at a 6 hour crop last night, didn't quite make 6 hours but I finished 2 projects, this mini-album about the boys baseball season last year:

and this layout featuring my darling children:

So off to get ready! Happy NSD!

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